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Luminous curtains, 2005 Design: Francesca Macrì Curtains, tablecloths, bed-covers, bed-side lamps.… The cold light of the LEDs at high intensity  combined with fabrics create a luminous source to that begs to be touched, taking on the shape you desire adaptable to various functions. Exhibition: Macef (Gen05), Milan, Italy Tenda luminosa, 2005 Design: Francesca Macrì Tenda, […]


Prêt-à-déguster Design: Francesca Macrì, Laura D’Aprile, Irene Pittatore Wine vaporisers, 2008 The frontier of wine-tasting “prêt-à-porter”. A vaporizer that “brushes”  the lips, a soft and daring experiment of alimentary coupling, so that every dish may be accompanied by a calibrated and complex selection of wines. A marriage of refinement and accessibility to seduce the senses […]

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